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Efficient essential steps, taken daily, create a Profitable Law Firm

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Do you find it hard to balance client development, law office administration, and practicing law?

Do you find yourself running from one crisis to another in your law practice?

Are you always re-inventing the wheel?


Is your team efficient?

A successful attorney must be efficient in order to be successful.


A personally and financially profitable attorney works balanced hours, has less stress, enjoys rich and rewarding relationships with friends and family, and has a profitable practice.


It takes SYSTEMS and ORDER to run an efficient law office


And they don’t teach you HOW to do this in Law School.


We have helped attorneys implement the ESSENTIAL steps in our system to create a personally and financially profitable practice.


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“After I implemented these systems, I was more efficient with my time so my fees reflected excellent work product within a reasonable amount of time. I therefore doubled my profitability.  These systems allowed me to meet and serve more clients plus I enjoyed an efficient law office environment. I even made it home from the office at a reasonable time!

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


~ Estate Planning Attorney, South Florida

Hi, I am Kelly Sturnthal and I have been an entrepreneurial attorney for over 25 years.  I have encountered all of the same challenges you have experienced.  I too have worked too many hours a week, billed for a small percentage of them and wondered why I wasn’t making more profit.


After experimenting with software, hiring staff, and buying every book on the subject, I hired a business consultant, Diana Miret.


She helped increase my profitability by 150%!  We decided that this was too good to keep to ourselves and together we created The Profitable Lawyer - a hybrid consulting firm that offers mentoring, consulting, and workshops to help attorneys and law firms with under 5 attorneys create a  practice that generates PROFIT.


Imagine if you could do the same?  YOU CAN!  It takes implementing the essential, practical steps from our system into your law office.  


That’s it.


It is not difficult but it does take focus.


That is why we created The Law Office Checklist of Profitable Systems. We are sharing it with you so you can see our thought process.

The Profitable Lawyer Mock-Up.png