The Best of Both Worlds:

Business Expertise & Law Practice Excellence

Build a More Profitable & Enjoyable Law Practice, Without The Burnout


You didn’t study law because you wanted to work harder than you have to, to earn a great income.


You want prestige, status, and the financial benefits of being a lawyer, but deep down, you resent the “old school” paradigm…


Putting in 70+ hour weeks and putting off “living” until you have time is NOT your idea of a fulfilling career.


Instead, you value your personal time and flexibility and you crave that freedom that comes with NOT having to slave away working an inhumane number of hours.


We’re here to tell you that your vision IS possible for you.

Introducing The Profitable Lawyer Clarity Method For Law Firms


The only program specifically designed to help you pinpoint with laser focus the exact steps you need to take to establish essential systems, that enable you to:


  • Stop feeling uncertain, whether you’re charging the right fees or whether your expenses are too high

  • Stop questioning whether you’re generating enough revenue, to sustain your practice and meet your lifestyle goals

  • Stop feeling like an imposter, guessing at how to effectively manage your growing practice (because we know this isn’t what you were taught in law school!)



And instead, achieve:


  • Complete clarity on industry benchmarks, so you know exactly how many clients you need to enroll each month to hit your targets

  • Confidence in your ability to grow your practice so that it aligns with your desired life

  • Peace of mind because you don’t have to wonder, whether you’ll have enough clients this month


Instead of burning out, working inhumane hours, slaving away and still wondering why you’re not racking up enough billable hours, we’ll show you how to:


  • Balance your schedule so you work fewer hours and despite the traditional demands of being an attorney

  • Experience less stress and pressure because you’re no longer working harder than you need to, so you can be present for your family without that incessant worry in the back of your mind

  • And boost your profitability, so that you can enjoy all the luxuries that you envisioned when you decided to put in the work to become a lawyer, without being a workaholic


You deserve to enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle AND do rewarding work, without sacrificing your sanity.


You shouldn’t have to live in fear, worrying “what if my referral source dries up?” or “ what if I lose my one big client?”.


Building a profitable practice means setting up fundamental systems that reduce risk and maximize opportunity.


With the Profitable Lawer Clarity Method, you’ll see your firm’s bottom line grow, without working harder.


In fact, you’ll be on a path to achieve financial freedom on YOUR terms - whether that looks like maintaining your income, but working less, increasing your earning potential by streamlining your operations and establishing systems, or planning for a successful exit…


We’ll custom tailor a plan for you that gives you a clear path to follow to achieve your goals.


With proper positioning, you won’t have to worry that you’re attracting the wrong kind of clients - you know, those ones who want to price shop against cheap alternatives. You want the right clients, where you can charge premium fees with confidence.

The Clarity Method encompasses the 7 ESSENTIAL elements to help boost PROFIT and Create ORDER in your practice.



Here's an overview of what we'll cover:

  • Step 1 - Complete Your Assessment - so that you gain utter clarity

  • Step 2 - Know Yourself & Your Team - to identify the strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and needs unique to your personality

  • Step 3 - Manage Your Time - as controlling your time is crucial to achieve and sustain profitability

  • Step 4 - Establish Management Systems - to equip you with the essential management tools, to remove yourself as the bottleneck and enable your practice to run more independently

  • Step 5 - Plan For Profits & Manage Cashflow - to assess the financial health of your practice and compare it to key performance indicators specific to law firms

  • Step 6 - Attract The Right Clients - so you can work with high-quality clients that align with your personality

  • Step 7 - Strategic Planning - to have a clear picture of where your practice is heading so you can take the right actions now to ensure you get there





The problem most attorneys have is not knowing what to fix next in their practice. There are simply too many fires demanding their attention and the hottest one gets prioritized. Our FIX THIS NEXT assessment pinpoints the weak spots in the practice and determines the logical order to tackle them based on fixing the important, over the urgent.




Identify YOUR unique strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and needs and learn to improve your communication with partners, clients, and colleagues. Discover new ways to reduce and manage conflict with others.



Controlling your time is crucial to achieve and sustain profitability. Organize your day and your week, and you'll start going home at a reasonable time and have the energy for your personal relationships while taking care of your clients.




Without the right management tools, you will be bound to the practice in an overwhelming and expensive way. We look at organizational structure, employee engagement, and processes.




We examine the numbers for your practice and benchmark them against the target industry standards specific to law firms. We drill down on the numbers and analyze each area of your practice to enhance clarity.




We'll show you how to effectively network and market your practice to attract quality clients. This is an element attorneys neglect when they get busy. They find themselves taking any client that walks through the door to keep the cash coming. We show you the better way to attract ideal, paying clients.




What do you want your law practice to look like in 5 / 10 / 15 years? If you want to sell it someday, this is an important conversation to have as you plan.


In each of these steps, our mentors will guide you through to clarity - one step at a time.


If you're UNSURE if this is right for you - book a consultation to discuss your needs!

Who Is Behind The Clarity Coaching Program?

Diana and Kelly come together to provide you with the ultimate in competitive advantage. This dynamic duo brings the best of both worlds - veteran business expertise AND law practice specifics. When you want the best, you don’t seek out a “generalist”. You go to the specialist.


These two seasoned professionals have been where you are now - they’ve lived it and provide you with that valuable aerial view - a perspective you simply can’t see when you’re stuck in the weeds.


Their rich experience can help you make the necessary tweaks without throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Often it’s just small changes that make the biggest impact. And when you focus on only fixing what needs to be fixed, you conserve energy, maximize efficiency and boost your ability to be profitable without burning out.


Are You Ready To Elevate Your Practice And Boost Your Profits?

The Clarity Method is great for you if:


  • You’re tired of working harder than you have to and want a simple system to follow to optimize your law practice for more profitability

  • You want to set your firm up for a higher valuation to attract the best people / investors or poise yourself for a profitable exit

  • You want to get more enjoyment from your work, instead of feeling like every day might bring another fire you need to put out

  • You want to easily clock in billable hours, so you can maximize your bottom line (without having to burn the midnight oil just to keep the practice running)


If you’re interested in finally aligning your practice with your lifestyle goals, we’re here to help.

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