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The Profitable Lawyer works in-person and virtually with some of the best attorneys in Florida and beyond, helping them to profit personally, professionally and financially. We offer workshops, webinars, consulting, and private and group coaching programs.


Kelly is a seasoned professional who has been where you are now - she has lived it and provides you with that valuable aerial view - a perspective you simply can’t see when you’re stuck in the weeds.


Her rich experience can help you make the necessary tweaks needed to find peace of mind. Often it’s just small changes that make the biggest impact. And when you focus on only fixing what needs to be fixed, you conserve energy, maximize efficiency and boost your ability to be profitable without burning out.


Are You Ready To Elevate Your Practice and Find Contentment as an Attorney?

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Kelly C. Sturmthal, Esq

Attorney and Mentor

Practicing Law should be a joy, not a sentence

Driven by an altruistic mindset, I am fortunate to own several businesses that allow me to impact others and make a difference in our community. With 27+ years in the legal industry, I also have experience in finance, banking, real estate, career counseling, estate planning, family business ownership and practical business planning.

As an attorney who believes in educating others in estate and business planning, I have had the opportunity to speak and provide practical consultations and seminars to assist entrepreneurs with building their legacy.


I also so enjoy connecting business professionals with resources and referrals that  move them forward. Part of this joy includes being part and leading volunteers in numerous school and community events.  

Fortunate to have the opportunity to partner with several different attorneys in 3 different firm environments, those that I consult with receive the benefit of my practical law firm and business knowledge. So many excellent attorneys leave the practice of law prematurely. Let's change that!


My practical entrepreneurial, business and legal experience provides insight to those navigating the challenges and opportunities for today’s lawyer.